Who are we

We are a well-established cosmeceuticals company committed to research , development of unique innovative skin care and luxury cosmetics represent to professionals and consumers. our products meet the reputable and luxury standard of SWITZERLAND leads to keep the skin healthy and beautiful .

Our R&D department always introduce exclusive formulas of “Swiss made” , since WE LOVE COSMETICS , We are always looking for new trends and innovations in cosmetics and aesthetics fields so we can provide to our customers an integrated skin care products based on the most novel ingredients with high efficiency.


In collaboration with our customers as a team , we strive to achieve a common goals: to improve people quality of life.

To offer a highly effective professional treatments and daily home care products backed by science . Diamolan keen to provides products designed and developed to meet our customers expectation and demonstrating unfailing loyalty our clients.

Thanks to a reputable clinical proven skin care solutions , we are continuously developing new dermatological solutions for a healthy skin


  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION : guarantee customer satisfy through highly effective treatment with with quick ,safe and long term results
  • PROFESSIONAL SUPPORTS : provide professional effective solutions , services and supports for skin care professionals , dermatologists , plastic surgeon , aesthetics ......... etc.
  • Professional Team Member , maximizing business opportunities and customer’s training with innovative , effective and profitable protocols
  • QUALITY IMPROVEMENT : continues improve research and development in order to upgrade formulas by science experts using the best technologies for new and cutting-edge ingredients .
  • DIAMOLAN products are tested and approved by dermatologists and proudly formulated according to SWISS standards of qualities